Professor Dialogues

I-5 Gallery

2100 North Main Street, Suite A-9

Los Angeles, CA 90031


Press Information

For Immediate Release

Contact: Nancy Ramirez, Gallery Director

Curator: Marla Koosed

Professor Dialogues

At I-5 Gallery

January 16, 2010 7PM to 10PM

January 16 to February 27, 2010

I-5 Gallery is pleased to announce “Professor Dialogues”, the concluding show in the series investigating MFA and MA programs in Southern California on Saturday, January 16th from 7-10PM.

From May though September 2009 I-5 launched a series of shows which focused on the richness of MFA and MA programs in Southern California from San Diego to Santa Barbara. The series started with MFA Conversations Part I showing works from recent graduates of UC Irvine, Claremont, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge, Cal State San Bernardino, Cal State Los Angeles and Cal State Long Beach. MFA Conversations Part II showed recent graduates of Art Center College of Design, UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Riverside, Otis and Calarts. Studio visits for all eligible candidates were conducted and participants were chosen from that pool.

Professor Dialogues is the fitting conclusion. It will showcase work from MFA and MA faculty of the aforementioned Southern California schools. In preparation, each participant from MFA Conversations Parts I and II were asked to recommend faculty member(s) who made a difference in their graduate experience.

The artists participating have been asked to choose or make work for the show that either reflects their practice or is informed by the teaching/faculty experience. I-5 Gallery is an intimate space, in order to garner full participation a few restrictions were set in place; the first being size, the second media related – no video, projection or free standing work(s).

Participating artists in Professor Dialogues are: China Adams, Karen Atkinson, Laurel Beckman, Luis Bermudez, Joe Biel, Kaucyila Brooke, David Bunn, Kathrin Burmester, Jack Butler, Jane Callister, Bryan Crockett, Lecia Dole Recio, Ricardo Dominguez, Connie Hatch, Ashely Hunt, Lisa Jevbratt, Jade Jewett, Lesley Krane, Antoinette LaFarge, Thomas Lawson, Catherine Lord, Kim MacConnel, Constance Mallinson, Jane Mulfinger, Gifford Myers, Carrie Paterson, Harry Reese, Kyle Riedel, Brad Spence, Craig Stone, Don Suggs, Michael Wilson, Kim Yasuda and Bruce Yonemoto.